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Le Bridge Corporation Limited is a vast group with a strong and diversified position in the distribution business within The Republic of Moldova. The group operates in three different fields: Le Bridge Corporation Limited – Distribution, Le Bridge Duty Free – with 8 range of duty free shops and – Sandriliona – ice cream factory, one of the leading companies from the field. Being preeminent in these economic segments of the Moldovan market, the company is constantly expanding and improving the quality of its services while satisfying the desires and needs of its customers.
With 20 years of experience and leading partners, was developed an efficient, national commercial and logistic enterprise. Le Bridge is distinguished by its highly effective management as well as ethical business practices alongside with the highest standards. The company’s success is due to its genuine principles: integrity, high quality of services, professionalism and responsibility in achieving its goals.
Le Bridge Group promotes continuous research activity by streamlining and pursuing business diversification in order to conquer new markets. The latter being the key factor in defining the long term development strategy.

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